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[week-1] Learning how micro-mordred works..

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  • 2019
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We had our 1st meeting for the first coding phase (27th May to 28th June) on Friday, 31st May 2019 at 12:30 CEST or 16:00 IST, which was as always conducted on #grimoirelab channel.
In this post i’ll try to highlight some key points discussed during the meeting, ranging from the work done in this week, blockers or pending work (if any) to the work planned for the coming week.

# What work was done in this week?

In this week, i was supposed to learn how micro-mordred works, open an issue ticket explaining the same and eventually open a Pull request to the chaoss/grimoirelab-tutorial in order to add a tutorial on how to execute micro-mordred via docker-compose.

  • I’d opened an issue ticket for discussion in case i’m stuck somewhere. In the thread, i’d addressed some issues that i faced and a probable solution to the problem (if faced in future), I went ahead to open a Pull request.
  • I also proposed an addition for Graal tutorial which was available in the repository but missing from the SideBar.
  • I also had a PR which was staged during the community bonding period regarding the addition of scancode_cli to CoLic Backend of Graal. In this week, i got some reviews from my mentor @valeriocos and eventually got it merged 🎉

  • Pull request created

  • Issues opened

# Plans for next week:

  • There are two tasks planned for the coming week, first of which involves learning the process of creation of visualizations, import, and export of Kibana dashboards using appropriate Grimoirelab components.
  • I’ve opened up an issue ticket ( inishchith/gsoc-graal#5:[visualization] Creation Import & Export of Kibana Dashboards ) for the task. I’d gone through the process during the application period but this time i’ll will be having a deeper look at the codebase and experimenting with the components involved in the task. And just like last week, @valeriocos has planned to conduct a webinar for the same this week too, so i’ll be looking forward to attending it :)
  • The second task involves discussion and evaluation of approaches for integrating Graal with ELK and Mordred. I’ve opened up an issue ticket (inishchith/gsoc-graal#4) for the purpose of discussion and asking doubts (if any).

# Footnotes:

  • Next meeting will be conducted on Friday, 7th June 2019 at 12:30 CEST or 16:00 IST, so i’ll write a post on that too ;)
  • IRC conversation log of the meeting can be found here
  • GSoC project proposal
  • Project tracker can be found here

I’ll be posting updates on the mailing list as well as on the twitter thread.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please make sure to comment down below ;)