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[week-6] Much needed... Pace

  • GSoC
  • 2019
  • week-6
  • coding-period-2

We had our first meeting for the second coding phase (28th June to 26th July) on Friday, 5th July 2019 at 12:30 CEST or 16:00 IST, which was as always conducted on #grimoirelab channel.
In this post, I’ll try to highlight some key points discussed during the meeting, ranging from the work done in this week, blockers or pending work (if any) to the work planned for the coming week.

# What work was done in this week?

  • We had planned to re-iterate over the CoCom Dashboard to add more visualizations related to the evolution of some of the attributes(CCN, LOC, and others), @valcos had suggested to work on a selector(which would work as a filter) for attributes such as project, origin and file_path with the help of which we could show results for selected project(s) and evolution of files.
  • The good thing about the addition of selector was, it opened the door for other insightful visualizations such as results at module level and viewing files with a metric(say LOC) in range 100 and 500 lines, I made the necessary changes to the CoCom enricher and we could produce some good results (link to dashboard ahead)

@valcos also helped me with some suggestions and improvements that could be done on the CoCom dashboard, the thread can be found here with a checklist ahead ;)

  • The incremental iteration and an interactive version of the CoCom Dashboard can be viewed from the remote instance : here
  • Note: don’t forget to select the time-range at top right corner :P

As the CoCom enricher is on its way to becoming better over time, we had also discussed to start working on CoLic data to produce some visualizations.

  • With the experience of working with CoCom enricher, I could easily sketch a version of CoLic enricher with fields such as a list of licenses and copyrights defined under a given project just for initial exploration and quickly produce some visualizations such as:
    • Pie Chart:
      • All licenses definition across projects

        Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 11 23 55 PM
      • All copyright definition across projects

        Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 11 23 55 PM
    • Data Tables:
      • Files with no license definition

        Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 11 23 55 PM
      • File-wise license definition

        Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 11 23 55 PM
      • Files with no copyright definition

        Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 11 23 55 PM
      • File-wise copyright Definition

        Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 11 23 55 PM
    • Metric
      • Total number of Licensed and Non-Licensed files

After some time of initial exploration of CoLic viz. during later this week, I could prepare the first version of CoLic dashboard. Though a lot of improvements to be made in coming days ;)

  • Today’s meeting would revolve around the improvements that could be made to the CoCom Dashboard, organization of widgets. Also as of now, we’ve just considered a few attributes from the CoLic backend data, we can add more fields to the enricher and produce more insightful visualizations, which need to be discussed with the mentors.

# Plans for next week:

  • For the coming week, we had started discussing the possible additions and refinements on the visualizations and dashboards until this point.
  • Code Complexity(CoCom) Dashboard
    • Remove data-tables(except for Repository-Overview), instead add Pie-Charts for LOC and Comments (similar to Top-10 Complex files Pie-Chart)
    • Try out a new Line-Chart for LOC and Comments, a line each and repository controlled via the in-place selector. (Incorporating Code Complexity(CCN) metric would be difficult due to the difference in scale)
    • XY-Plotting (controlled via selector)
      • LOC and Comments for every file at each point in time.
      • Mean & Median of LOC and Comments for all the files at each point in time.
  • Code License(CoLic) Dashboard:
    • A Line-Chart to show the evolution of the number of licensed/copyrighted files against the ones without it.
    • A Line-chart to show the evolution of the number of files for each license/copyright definition against the ones without it.
    • Inspect correctness and verbosity of the data(attributes) produced(mainly copyright info.) by Graal’s CoLic Backend.
  • Along with the above improvements, we’ll also be exploring solutions to improve the performance of the integration in terms of memory management and time for execution.

# Footnotes:

  • Next meeting will be conducted on Friday, 12th July 2019 at 12:30 CEST or 16:00 IST, so let’s catch up next week ;)
  • IRC conversation log of the meeting can be found here
  • Project tracker can be found here

I’ll be posting updates on the mailing list as well as on the twitter thread.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please make sure to comment down below ;)