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[week-10] Regression testing & Evaluating results

  • GSoC
  • 2019
  • week-10
  • coding-period-3

We had our first meeting for the third coding phase (26th July to 19th August) on Tuesday, 16th August 2019 at 12:30 CEST or 16:00 IST, which was as always conducted on #grimoirelab channel.
In this post, I’ll try to highlight some key points discussed during the meeting, ranging from the work done in this week, blockers or pending work (if any) to the work planned for the coming week.

# What work was done in this week?

  • The implementation of CoLic integration was solely based on the Scancode CLI analyzer, we now have support for other analyzers categories i.e scancode and nomos. NOMOS provides only license-related information whereas the ScanCode analyzers can retrieve both license & copyright related information in more verbose.
  • The major highlight of last week was regression testing of the grimoirelab-elk integration of Graal’s Backend. @valcos & I conducted various tests on the integration task, we used all the repositories (31, to be precise) in consideration and evaluated the time required for the execution of the tasks.

  • CoCom Evaluations:
Organization   Repositories  Raw Phase  Enrich Phase  Study Phase  Results Verified
chaoss 31 11:53:59 hr 00:40:35 hr 00:36:38 hr Yes
  • CoLic Evaluations:
Organization   Analyzer   Repositories   All Phases    Results Verified
chaoss Scancode-CLI 4 04:54:22 hr Yes
chaoss NOMOS 4 00:17:01 hr Yes

More details(logs and repositories in consideration) can be found in this thread.

  • As we’re only a week away from the final evaluation, our main focus, for now, is to get ready with the project as a whole, with implementation integrated to the grimoirelab-toolset and tested on entirety. There are corresponding Pull-requests open at (elk, mordred & sigils) in order to review and test the integration.

  • Note:

    • We’re currently working on some issues such as the slow execution speed of CoLic analyzer and other minor which we encountered during the testing phase.
    • The incremental iteration of the CoCom & CoLic Dashboard can be viewed from the remote instance

# Plans for next week:

  • We’re currently focusing on getting the dashboard imports to work as required, which will require a few changes wrt to alias.
  • Apart for that, we had addressed a few minor issues with the execution in the entirety(including Graal) which needs to be tackled in the next few days along with re-iterating over the integration Pull-Requests.

# Footnotes:

  • IRC conversation log of the meeting can be found here
  • Project tracker can be found here

I’ll be posting updates on the mailing list as well as on the twitter thread.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please make sure to comment down below ;)