05 Sep 2023 19:36 Feels good to be back [@atlanhq](https://twitter.com/atlanhq);
05 Sep 2023 19:34

long time no see

01 Jun 2023 05:23

Started working on something new - what I call The Moment Project. Polaroid Camera joins the toy bag.

01 Jun 2023 05:20

Moved to San Jose recently. Mostly exploring a whole bunch of places in the Bay Area and working on developer tooling this summer.

09 May 2023 08:41

Moved /people to private - something about it didn’t quite feel right. There’ll always be a snapshot of the page on the Wayback Machine.

07 May 2023 09:17

A cool reddit AMA by Zerodha’s CTO, Kailash Nadh. Discussions mostly centered around tech stack, culture, decision making, advice, opinions on recent technological progress and more.

Another interesting read (amateurs-vs-professionals), but realize it’s never 0 or a 1 - it’s a spectrum.

I have been reading some thought-provoking blocks these days; primariliy on reddit, hackernews and all over the internet - might start a What I Read this Week soon.

06 May 2023 20:30

Now we also have comments powered by utterance for post and streams at the bottom of the page.

inishchith/utternace houses all the comments for the posts and streams.

06 May 2023 19:17

Now we have an RSS feed for all the posts 🎉

The feed is available at nishchith.com/feed.xml.

If you already use any of the feed readers - Feedly, Feeder, or whatever, you can subscribe to the feed and get notified when I post something new.

06 May 2023 18:54

musictheory.net - Simple, free and easy to follow music theory lessons on the internet.

26 Apr 2023 23:33

I am not a fan of EDM music, but, The 2022 album from The Chainsmokers duo - So Far So Good has to be their most independent and best work yet. Some of my personal favorites from the album -

24 Apr 2023 06:20

Each iteration should be a deep craving for perfection, in something you like.

If it could have been better, I would keep workin on it.
If it could be better, It’s NOT DONE.

src: rick rubin: advice for young people

17 Apr 2023 04:40

And that’s the promise of failure, to push you beyond the comfortable so you can learn something new about yourself, about the world, about your work.

src: nashvail/please-fail

07 Apr 2023 07:51

I am very clear about my purpose in this world, I want to create impact; either directly or by leveraging my learnings to enable someone whose intent is to pay it forward. I am not interested in buying a big car, fancy watch or mansion. Growing up, I always wanted that - now I elude most of it. Heck, I never wore a watch, and probably never will. I mostly do things if I enjoy them or if I want to experience/learn something new or for no reason at all. At one point, I bought 4 black colored t-shirts in a row, just because I thought I spent too much time thinking about colors in the past month. I am not interested in helping people who just want to make their ends meet, chill rest of the time and play the dick-swinging game of money, houses, and cars.

This is how I have felt for long. By putting this out here, I am holding myself accountable and creating a commit to correct myself if the situation arises.

* impact is very broad - in this case, I am mostly talking about building, technological progress or social good, either direct or n-order.

06 Apr 2023 18:56

Everything is a Practice - A well-written essay contesting for how learning isn’t ephemeral. Found it on HN.

03 Apr 2023 05:32

Food Labels - A guide to reading food labels for folks in North America.

03 Apr 2023 00:53

I now own the nishchith.in domain as well. I’ll be redirecting traffic to this site until I have better ideas.

27 Mar 2023 06:42

liamrosen/fitness - An extensive guide to health and fitness for beginners (with citations).

21 Mar 2023 04:32

Recorded a bunch of samples over the past week on my new MIDI keyboard controller.

With the 25-keys, I find it difficult to adjust the scales in real-time - but good enough to get started. Tinkering around with Grageband plugins at midnight is therapeutic.

i used the stienway piano plugin on garageband for these, will post notes soon.

06 Mar 2023 04:32

Now I get the staff-notation. Ordered a 25-key MIDI keyboard controller today to start practicing.

04 Mar 2023 12:45

My dear,

Find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain from you your all. Let it cling onto your back and weigh you down into eventual nothingness. Let it kill you, and let it devour your remains.

For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it’s much better to be killed by a lover.

Falsely yours, Henry Charles Bukowski

24 Feb 2023 10:45

You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing your true potential

in Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

Okay, that’s a good hook at the start of the book.

20 Feb 2023 18:18

I continue to use Github issue’s file upload to host ad-hoc files and get publicly accessible links, dumb but effective. I was wondering if someone has built a simple tool to exploit this - GCS: Github as Cloud Storage(?), lol. Call me stupid, but this helps in case you’re in rush - I have heard people talk about hosting images on s3, dRoPbOx, and whatnot just for a shitty JPEG to be linked on an occasionally-accessed-static-website. Github Gist is something that comes close but is not exactly the use case I am talking about. example

20 Feb 2023 17:32

How do I learn something and get better at it?

.. is an interesting question to explore. I believe “learn by doing”1 2 is generally a good approach, however, sometimes I struggle to make progress which dampens my motivation to continue. There is an aspect of consistency to it, but I wanted to explore this in terms of what’s been written about and what has worked for folks in general to an extent. Starting with these and will expand as I explore more:

* something ~ a thing that you are curious about motivation to explore that isn’t a challenge for you.

11 Feb 2023 22:53

I have been curious about music production, sporadic reading music theory for long now. I am starting with the Fundamentals of Music Theory class today. Also planning to visit the Music Instrument Meuseum soon, hoping that drives me to learn more about music.