Nishchith K

Nishchith K

Mumbai Area, India
inishchith [at] gmail [dot] com

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I'm a senior year undergrad student in the Department of Computer Science at K.J Somaiya College Of Engineering, Mumbai. I, at the start of my programming journey, would attend hackathons during weekends and take part in the programming contests regularly on Codechef, Codeforces & TopCoder .
Attending hackathons and Interning at a few startups during my junior year helped me learn about software development. In my junior year, I got the opportunity to work on a Google Summer of Code project.
I'm now more about getting clarity on what projects I wish to work on. Most times my work spans right from wireframing minimalistic designs to getting the product shipped, am self-driven and I absolutely love the process.😛

# Work

Recyclinator ♻️

You just click a photo of the object and the app will tell you which garbage bin to throw it into.

Built with Python, TensorFlow, Flask, Javascript.


Meet In The Middle 👬

The WebApp suggests places to hangout which is closer to every friend of yours on the map!.

Built with JavaScript, PubNub, Google Maps API.


HelpOff ⛑

SMS based offline system where the user can get the required information in few basic steps by simple sending a message.

Built with Flask, DialogFlow, Google Places API.


Source based news network over WebApp & Facebook Messenger

Built with Django, Flask, DialogFlow.


# Contributions

Meanwhile i was also active as a technical team member and got an opportunity to work with a bunch of amazing minds at my campus programming club.

Major Hackathons that i've participated in :

Hack InOut 2018
MHacks X | MLH Season 2017 - 2018
Mumbai Hackathon 2018 | 2017

# Get In Touch!

Would like to get in touch? here is my public key


I live on the internet @inishchith